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“Do I Need A New Roof?” Bay Area Roofing Experts Weigh In

In an ideal world, you would wait years — if not an eternity — before calling a Bay Area roofing consultant to work on your home.

No one craves to do roof repair.

Bay Area roof repairHowever, you’ve seen serious warning signs of a need for roof repair, and you need to protect your home and family from a collapse or other problems, such as mold, air quality issues, and unbelievably expensive repairs “after the fact.” In some ways, you feel caught in the middle. You’re afraid to act to fix the roof or get a new roof, but you don’t want to put off the job any longer. Rather than make an emotional decision that could cost you, educate yourself.

Here are clear danger signs that you need a new roof — or at least massive repairs — ASAP.

  • Paint is peeling and blistering inside or outside your home;
  • Large stains or fungal/mildew growths are creeping up your walls or ceilings;
  • You spy leaks, missing shingles, degradation, and other obvious warning signs.

Unfortunately, identifying roof problems is not necessarily a linear proposition!

In other words, your roof might be severely damaged, but you may only notice one or two leaky spots or places where the paint is peeling. Conversely, the internal damage may look “pretty bad,” but the roof itself may be relatively intact.

So should you:

  1. Do nothing?
  2. Do-it-yourself?
  3. Hire a roof repair company?
  4. Get the roof replaced entirely?

In general, err on the side of being “too cautious.” If you hire a great roofing company, and you had no problem — or just a minor problem — you might overspend by a few hundred dollars. On the flip side, if you fail to react effectively, and the roof collapses or leads to mold infestation, the cost of that under-reaction could be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, when you extrapolate over the long term — not to mention the indirect costs and inconvenience.

Make the smart choice. If you have any questions about your Bay Area roofing needs, give the Century Roof & Solar team a call today, or email us through our website. Get clarity on the job and figure out a strategic plan to put your mind at ease.

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