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Best Roofing Materials for Warmer Climates

Roofing Installation Tips

When it comes to installing a roof in a warmer climate like Northern California and parts of the Bay Area, you need to understand which materials best suit your region in terms of coverage, value, and efficiency. Although some materials appear less expensive than others, their underlying costs often make them a less attractive option in the long run.

As you weigh various roofing options, consider handsome and cost-effective choices such as:

  • Solar/photovoltaic systems. A solar roofing solution can collect the sun’s energy and converting it into electricity using integrated photovoltaics. This is a compelling option for sustainability-centered homeowners.
  • Slate tile. Since its arrival in the Americas in the 17th century, slate has presented a distinctive and versatile roofing surface. It requires little maintenance and, in lighter colors, reflects the sun’s rays and heat, reducing cooling bills.
  • Terracotta/clay tile. Terracotta and clay tile roofs not only look fantastic, but they offer countless benefits as well. The rounded shape of the tiles lets air circulate and water run off the roof, keeping homes cooler and drier. Homeowners in the American Southwest, Italy, Spain, and Mexico have relied on them for centuries.
  • Concrete tile. In lighter colors, poured or tile concrete roofs present an inexpensive, durable roofing material.
  • Living/green roofs. Placing vegetation on top of a house keeps interior temperatures down while releasing oxygen into the surrounding atmosphere. This eco-friendly, beautiful solution can be used on both residential and industrial sites.

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