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8 Questions You Need To Ask Before Installing Solar Roofing

bay area solar roofingSolar panel installation requires serious investment in both time and money. Here are 8 questions you need to answer to get the best out of your new system.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Installing Solar Roofing

1. How Much Energy Do You Need?

Take a quick assessment of how much electricity your household needs before buying solar panels. How many kilowatts are you consuming each month? Multiply that number by 25 and run it by your Bay Area solar company to get an idea of how large your new solar system will be.

2. Are You Ready For Solar Roofing Installations?

Or, can you handle the upfront costs? Every year solar panels are getting more cost-effective, dropping more than 60 percent since 2011. Aside from knowing which panels are suited for you and which ones are overpriced, you’ll also need to prepare upfront money (around $15,000 upwards) for solar solutions, including subsidiaries, local tax credits and federal credits.

3. Are You Staying Long?

Solar roofing installations typically pay for themselves over a period of 5 to 6 years. While you take advantage of lower electricity bills immediately, the cost of installation is quite high and won’t be recouped until that time. Solar panels is a good solution if you intend to stay in your current residence for the long term, and not so much if you’re planning on moving or relocating in the near future.

4. Can Your Roof Hold The Solar Panels?

The beauty of solar panels is that they can be installed on almost any roof type; the only difference is the speed of installation and how soon you can use it once it’s there. For example, homes that have regular wood shingles or Spanish tiles may need to hire a East Bay roofing contractor who knows how to work it in.

5. Do You Have The Right Permits?

It’s wise to prepare in advance for your solar panels, and that includes securing the necessary permits for it. Get a building permit at the local level and make sure you follow the rules that pertain to your specific municipality.

6. Where Will The Panels Be Located?

The best location for solar panels is where they can get the most sunlight in a day. Obstructions such as tall trees and nearby buildings will significantly affect where your solar panels will be placed. Moreover, there are different types of solar panels, each with their own unique reactions to light and dark conditions.

7. Do You Have The Time?

Installing an adequate solar panel system will take some time. Wiring and panel placement can take a few days, but the solar project may take a few months starting from signing the contract up to the actual installation process.

8. Do You Have The Right Bay Area Solar Contractor?

Choose a solar roofing company who’s bonded, licensed, insured and has a strong warranty. The reviews and feedback from previous clients should be positive overall. These things can be found online or by asking the contractor for recent references.

Hire a Qualified Bay Area Solar Roofing Installer

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