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Bay Area Roofing Contractor Guide to Slate Roofing

Whether you need emergency Bay Area roofing repair to deal with the aftermath of a windstorm or tree strike, or you’re a landlord searching for East Bay roofing contractors to fix up a property for market or to meet the needs of tenants, consider a slate roof solution.

Slate offers substantial benefits over other types of roofing materials. Here are a few:

Bay Area slate roofing1. Aesthetic benefits

Slate is a beautiful, natural material. It recalls iconic buildings, such as Ivy League architectural masterpieces. It’s been used for centuries, and it looks great even after it’s been weathered.

2. Boosts the value of your building

Thanks to their unique beauty, simplicity, and durability, slate roofs tend to substantially increase property values. This is important, whether you’re fixing up an investment property to sell or just maximizing the equity value of your home.

3. Low pollution

Many Bay Area builders and remodelers are very “eco-conscious.” They want to avoid using materials that exude pollutants or toxins into the environment.

4. Easy to adapt to current structures

Some slate solutions require sophisticated modifications to existing roof structures. But other innovative technologies now allow you to easily adapt slate over your existing structure. Newer slate solutions are also lighter and less expensive than old ones.

Two reasons why slate is not a more popular material:

  1. Traditionally, it’s relatively expensive.
  2. It’s heavier than other roofing materials, which means that installation and maintenance require more work and that roofs must be well engineered to support the weight.

Fortunately, new technologies have made slate solutions both cheaper and easier for structures to bear. For help designing, executing and maintaining your Bay Area roofing project, look to the team at Century Roof & Solar. Whether or not you want to use slate or another material, we are standing by to discuss to provide a free and thorough consultation about your project.

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