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Cost and Likelihood of Repair Needs for Solar Roofing Installations

Solar Company Addresses Common Upfront Questions


The solar roofing boom is here for real in the Bay Area, and we’re excited to see the solar revolution spread, bringing substantial energy efficiency to thousands of Californians and reducing both carbon emissions and our collective dependence on The Grid. That said, many “solar curious” consumers still feel somewhat intimidated by the prospect of switching over. To that end, we’ve prepared the following brief FAQ about solar roofing installations and system maintenance.

1. Will your system break?

As with any other electronic system, solar roofing can malfunction. However, most solar roofing systems come with lengthy warranties on their most important components. Depending on the company’s policy and the specifics of the part, warranties may last as long as 25 years.

2. What can you do to hedge against problems?

Keep your panels clean of debris, particularly after big storms and during the fall season; spot and repair problems before they grow and spread; and have professionals check your panels on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance.

3. How will you know that the system is working properly?

To prevent problems, you need to monitory your system’s function continuously. Fortunately, most solar companies monitor the systems they install and inform customers when problems occur.

4. What if you need to fix your roof?

Depending on the nature and scale of the damage, the solar panels may need to be removed first. Unfortunately, the solar company will not cover this cost. Thus, if you have an older roof, or you need to make repairs, take care of these issues before you install solar roofing. Another great way to avoid problems with finger pointing as solar and roofing companies claim the other is responsible is to have one company perform both a roof inspection and a solar installation for you, this way you have one party to deal with in the event of an issue and your installer has a greater incentive to ensure a perfect job.

Solar Roofing Puts Money in Your Pocket and Eliminates Green House Gas Emissions

Transitioning to a solar energy household can be exciting but also scary, especially if you’re used to using grid energy, and you’re already engaged in big projects, such as moving into a new home or finishing a big remodel. We can help! Call the Century Roof & Solar professionals at (888) 233-7548 or (510) 780-9489 or contact us from our website to learn more about your roofing options and to price out various energy saving strategies.

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