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How to Pick the Best Roof Color for Your Home

Tips for Choosing a New Roofing Color

Roofs are very important part of your home’s structure, but they also play a vital role in boosting the overall look of your house, and even its resale value in future. It’s not an easy task; if you’re trying to choose a color of roof tiles or shingles for your re-roofing project, take your time and think it through. You’re going to have that roof for many, many years–and let’s face it, a new roof isn’t a cheap home improvement project. Choose wisely and try not to be overwhelmed with the myriad of color combinations. Better yet, take the advice of a Bay Area roofing contractor who knows the business of roofing repair and replacement inside and out. Here are a few of our tips for choosing the best roof color that suits your home’s style and structure.bay-area-roofing-contractors-tips-for-choosing-roof-shingles-color

Go Dark or Go Light?

Since the roof is most sun exposed part of the home, its heat retention does depend a lot on the color of the roof tiles. If you choose a darker or lighter shade of roofing it will also affect the heat retention. Try going for a neutral shade in the grays and browns color family to lessen the risk. If the exterior of your home is a cool color, go with a shade of gray for the roofing. If the exterior of your home is a warm color, go with a shade of tan or brown for the tiles or shingles. If you don’t need the extra warmth in your home, and want to keep it cool, opt for a light colored roof. Depending on the design/shape of your roof, you may be able to choose a roof coating that reflects the solar heat and keeps it cool. There are also metallic paints that could be a solution to avoiding more heat from entering your homes when layered inside the roof deck.

Consider the Exterior Colors

Bricks are permanent structures, but you can still have some fun with shutters and front door’s paint colors. A good starting point would be to pair the shingle color with the brick first, and then match them with the paint colors. If your home isn’t brick, try matching the tones of the shingles to your dominant (or accent) exterior color.

Go for a neutral shingle color if you have a bold color for the exterior, and are planning to sell your home soon.

Another important factor would be to try and camouflage the gutters by matching them with the roof color. This will give your roof an extended look and good overall aesthetic appeal.

Consult with Our Bay Area Roofing Contractors First

So remember, take your time choosing the colors for your re-roofing or gutter installation options. Consult with our team at Century Roof & Tile for help and color samples to browse through. Our Bay Area roofing team is just a click or call away. Contact us today at (510)780-9489 or contact us online via our contact form.

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