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Could Bounteous Energy Tax Credits Inspire You To Finally “Go Solar?”

Profound tax credits just for installing renewable energy systems in their homes and businesses

According to The Department of Energy’s official site: www.energy.gov, consumers can receive profound tax credits just for installing renewable energy systems in their homes and businesses.


Consider this blurb regarding federal tax credits for energy efficiency:

“consumers who install solar energy systems (including solar water heating and solar electrical systems), small windsystems, small geo-thermal heat pumps, residential fuel cell and microturbine systems canreceive a 30% tax credit for systems placed in service before Dec 31, 2016.”

Also of interest:

“In addition to federal tax incentives, some consumers will also eligible forutility or state rebates, as well as state tax incentives for energy-efficient homes, vehicles andequipment.”

A tax credit is actually much more powerful than a tax deduction. A deduction chips away at the percentage of monies you might owe in taxes; whereas a tax credit slashes your taxes “dollar for dollar” basis. In other words, by deploying a solar or renewable energy solution for heating and powering your home, you will get money literally flowing into your bank account from thegovernment as a kind of “Thank you” for reducing your energy footprint.

Of course, the tax credit alone might not be enticing enough for you to break out of your current inertia and make the switch to solar or some other “green” renewable energy solution. Whenyou consider it in the context of other benefits – helping the environment, reducing your long-term energy costs, being a good example for your community, freeing yourself from the whims and arbitrary dictates of power companies, preemptively sidestepping power outages – the solar alternative appears brighter and brighter and brighter (pun intended).

How do you get started?

Talk to the professionals at Century Roofing and Solar. For over 15 years, our Bay Area roofing contractors have led the region in light-weight roof systems and PV solar systems. Our team is known for reliable, quality, clean, and timely results. We are a Diamond Certified Company and proud members of the Committee for Fire-Safe Dwellings, Master Elite, and the Better Business Bureau. Connect with us now at 510-780-9489, or explore resources to help you make your decision at www.centuryroofandsolar.com.

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