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Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips

East Bay Roofing Contractors’ Tips to Help Homeowners Prevent Roof Damage

Bay Area roofing repair East Bay roofing contractorsRoof maintenance is essential to keeping your home safe and shielded from the elements. Failure to perform regular maintenance can lead to gradual degradation of the roof structure – which eventually demands a costly makeover and can cause damage to your property. The Bay Area roofing contractors at Century Roof Tile recommend scheduling a regular inspection to ascertain the condition of the roof in anticipation of the usual wear and tear caused by erratic weather conditions and ageing of the roofing materials.

Reinforce your roof every spring and fall to strengthen the structure and prevent leakage and extensive damage in the event of bad weather. The following are expert tips to help get your roof in order so that you can secure your home and avoid the hassle of impromptu Bay Area roofing repair work.

  • Remove any debris (sticks, leaves, etc.) from the surface of the roof as these can get stuck on the shingles and cause damage.
  • Inspect the flashing and clean out any caulk before resealing.
  • Check the joints and chimneys for caulking and seal any spaces to prevent leaking. Check also for cracked mortar and seal any existing spaces.
  • Signs of algae and mold are bad for your roof. To prevent growth of mold and algae you can install lead or zinc control zips.
  • Replace any damaged shingles with new ones, or contact a Bay Area roofing company for assistance.

Clean your gutter

In the fall season, take time to clean your gutter to prevent clogging of your gutter system. Accumulation of leaves and other debris can prevent the flow of water and cause a back-flow. When the cold season kicks in, this water freezes and damages the roof and gutters.

Trim your trees

Large, heavy branches can cause significant damage to your roof if ignored. Check for trees that lean towards your house and chop off any branches that might fall directly on your roof. Keep in mind that strong winds can cause weak or dead branches to fall, and if the tree is in close proximity to your house, that can spell disaster.

Tree-trimming has another benefit; it serves to minimize the amount of leaves and sticks that build up over time, causing the gutter system to rot in the process.

Consult Bay Area Roofing Experts for a Roof Inspection

For people who don’t have the time to perform these maintenance routines, it helps to hire professionals to do the job for you. Our East Bay roofing contractors are well-trained and have the resources to inspect and perform maintenance to prevent cases of flooding or damage to your home. Contact the team at Century Roof Tile today by calling (510) 780-9489 or via our online contact form.

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