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Solar Power: One of the Fastest Growing Industries in the U.S.

Utilities, Commercial and Home Solar All Capitalizing on Green Solar Energy

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High fuel costs, government incentives and a growing cultural acceptance that we collectively need to move beyond fossil fuels have created the perfect storm and sparked tremendous home owner interest in converting to home solar power. Meanwhile, relevant tech is getting cheaper and more durable, and utility solar energy development is also expanding. These shifts have boosted the growth of the solar industry and captured the nation’s attention and imagination.

Utility Solar Energy

Utility companies, concerned about expiring tax incentives, added significant solar capacity to their operations last year. The government also extended solar tax incentives, and industry watchers expect additional growth this year. 2016 will also see a new nuclear plant come on line, the first in 20 years. Renewable energy sources, combined with this new plant, are expected to produce two-thirds of new energy capabilities in the country over the coming year.

Commercial and Home Solar Energy

Residential solar power continues to be the fastest growing area of the U.S. solar industry, having experienced a 66% increase in solar capacity installation last year. Continued tax incentives and lowering installation costs appear to be fueling the growth of this industry. Commercial solar power installations are also increasing, as more businesses are taking advantage of a plethora of tax incentives and seeking to lower their operating expenses, not to mention their carbon footprint.

Home and business owners need to know that these tax advantages are only available when a professional installs their solar energy systems.

Work with Bay Area Solar Power Experts

Century Roof and Solar are experts in Bay Area solar energy. Our trained staff installs systems for home owners, apartment buildings and businesses. In fact, we have both a C10 electrical contractor and C39 roofing contractor – this in house expertise gives us the ability to maximize the efficiency and durability of our clients’ solar energy systems, regardless of where they live and their roof types. Call us to set up an appointment by calling (888) 233-7548, or visit noutililtybill.com to learn more.

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