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How to Prepare for Major Roof Repairs

Tips for Upcoming Re-Roofs and Roof Repairs


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As Bay Area roofing contractors with years of experience, the Century Roof & Solar team can tell you, firsthand, how important roof preparation can be for landlords, homeowners and property investors. If you fail to install and keep up your roof repairs, you can suffer substantial negative effects, including mechanical problems with the roof itself (leaks, mold, mildew, etc.), project and budget overruns and violations of local building codes. Whether debris or tree branches fell on your building, or the erosive effects of wind brought your roof to a critical point, here are some tips about how to prepare for the upcoming repairs.

Create a path for traffic to and from your property, so that your contractor and his or her team can access the property without causing congestion in your neighborhood and even annoying your neighbors.

Protect items in your attic that could be damaged by the repair. For instance, you might want to throw a sheet over antiques or other keepsakes or even remove them to lower levels of your home;

Take preventative steps to deal with any noise issues. Roofing work can get pretty loud, so you might want to spend more time at work or school, as well as alert your neighbors ahead of time, so they can also prepare for the commotion.

Prepare your landscaping. Identify your sprinkler heads, so that roofing contractors don’t trip over them or destroy them, and protect elements such as fragile lights, delicate bushes/plants, etc.

Time the action for good weather. The last thing you want is to start a major roofing project only to have it called off due to a storm, while there are several gaping holes in your roof. Play it safe: plan ahead.

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