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The Importance of Having a Solar Roofing Analysis Done

Why Those Considering Solar Should Get a Solar Roofing Analysis

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Consider having a solar analysis completed before you decide to install solar energy roofing for your Bay Area home, condominium, or business office. Such an analysis can provide critical information about future economic benefits, the expected performance level of the solution, and a full cost-benefit evaluation. Many project managers will encourage a comprehensive solar analysis before beginning on a project.

Your analysis may consist of site surveys for sunlight hours and evaluations of the building’s current roof and electrical systems. Solar roofing installations need to be performed according to precise specs; engineers need this detailed information about the location and property usage to develop a customized solution that’s going to be cost effective for you and that will deliver you usable, consistent energy.

In addition to physical parameters for a project, an analysis may also provide you information about government or other financial incentive programs. Such cost-mitigating factors often encourage clients to move forward. Multi-level solar analyses allow companies and homeowners alike to invest in solar roofing solutions with confidence, because they know the risks and rewards, and they can prepare accordingly.

Bay Area Solar Company Will Help You Save on Energy Costs

Homeowners and businesses expecting to cut future energy costs and/or provide energy back to the grid need solid decision-making criteria. Does the project make sense or not? Will you get money back from the state or federal government or not? Will the project increase the value of your property and free you from the grid; and if so, by how much? We’d love to help you move forward with your project the right way. Call us at (888) 233-7548 to schedule a consultation about your solar solutions needs!


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