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Tips for Fixing Basic Leaks at Home

“Put a Cork in it” and Other Tips for Fixing Basic Leaks at Home

There is perhaps nothing more annoying than the sound of a slowly dripping leak.


Makes you want to tear your hair out, doesn’t it?

Whether mildew spread from a pinpoint leak in your attic, or a water heating pipe leaked, creating a slip and fall hazard and a stagnant pool of gross water, here are some tips to solve basic leaks on your own.

1. Tape

Duct tape, electoral tape, and even masking or scotch tape (in a real pinch) can stop many leaks in their tracks. Wrap the tape in a diagonal fashion to get the most bang for the buck. Or use a carpet bombing like approach and just wrap and wrap the pipe (or other leaking area) until you’ve used up nearly the entire roll of tape.

2. Clamp It

A simple pipe clamp – which you can get online or at hardware stores – uses mechanical leverage to literally choke off drips and leaks. Hose clamps also can do the trick, as can C clamps, tin can clamps, and even jerry-rigged, creative contraptions that you make yourself.

3. Epoxies and Other Plugging Agents

Epoxies can also be deployed. Be sure to read and understand the dry times. If you turn on a leaking pipe too soon after application – or if there is a thunderstorm that drenches the leaking area — the epoxy could easily fail.

4. Roof Cement or Other Hefty Materials

Tape, epoxies, and clamping solutions may simply not cut it, particularly if you have a roof leak or if you have a major complicated leak. Roofing cement — or some other heavy duty adhesive, coagulating, “appropriate for the job” substance — may be your best (and only) option.

One of the big challenges is knowing when it’s appropriate to jerry-rig a solution (e.g. “just tape it up”) and knowing when you need professional evaluation and repair.

Rather than improvise and potentially risk your home or building, connect with the team at Century Roof and Solar. For 15 years, our team has been known as the most trusted name in roofing. We can help you whether a recent storm destroyed your roof or you just need minor repairs on a frustratingly hard to troubleshoot ceiling leak.

Call our team now at 888-233-7548, or explore more of our resources, products, and services at www.centuryroofandsolar.com.

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