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3 Ways to Waste Water This Summer – Guaranteed

Whether you’re a Northern California landlord, a Bay Area homeowner or a local conservationist, you recognize the need to conserve basic resources – especially water – during the scorching summer months ahead.

Rather than give you a boring list of “ways to conserve” that you can find a million other places on the internet, we thought it might be interesting to turn the tables a bit.

To that end, here three surefire ways to waste our most precious natural resource:

1. Gush excess water on your lawn or garden.

NASA statistics suggest that each American, on average, dumps 200 gallons of H2O on our properties and gardens every single day. To waste even more water, cut your grass really short, water lawns during the hot afternoon hours so that more water will evaporate, and aim your sprinkler system haphazardly, so the water hits walls or pavement and thus evaporates.

2. Use and abuse your pool.

Pools are notorious water wasters. So, rather than use a sprinkler system – or a community pool – to enjoy summer water play, buy your own pool. Be sure to leave the top off, when it’s not in use, so that the maximum amount of water can evaporate. Also, be sure to change the water more frequently than the manufacturer recommends.

3. Crank up your home water consumption.

There are countless ways to waste water in your home. You can take extra long showers every morning and run your dishwasher when you only have few dishes or plates inside. Ignore your water bill and refuse to look for inefficiencies that you can easily correct… and that could save you tens of dollars a month in utility costs just for a few minutes of work.

Of course, this article is meant to be facetious. We really do want you to conserve water – not only to protect the environment here in and around the Bay Area but also to save you money.

Fortunately, “going green” — being a conservationist — does not mean that you have to pay more or do anything extravagant. Century Roof and Solar is the premier solar solution provider for the Bay Area. We can help you go green, handle construction and roofing needs, and answer any of your questions about going solar.

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