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Why it is Important to Ventilate your Attic and Roof

Whether you just purchased a “fixer-upper” in the East Bay, or you’re shopping for homes or condos in San Francisco or renovating a business structure, you know you have to do something about your roof/attic. Proper ventilation is essential, or at least so you have been told. But you may not grasp just how important it can be.

Here are a few reasons to take care of your roof and attic ventilation ASAP:

  • Boost energy efficiency. Ineffective ventilation can lead to massive heating and cooling expenses, bloating your energy budget;
  • Prevent damage to structures. Extreme temperatures in your attic caused by bad ventilation can warp precious works of art and memorabilia; crack wood or other materials; and even potentially create fire hazards, especially if you’re storing materials containing volatile organic compounds, such as paints, lacquers, etc;
  • Eliminate mildew and mold – yuck! Bad ventilation can lead to the build up of moisture, which can in turn can spawn the growth of mold, mildew, and other yuckiness. Warped and cracked wood can also form the perfect habitat for termites and other nasty creatures. The indirect consequences of infestations/mold buildups can be horrific. Mold, for instance, can create respiratory problems for your family and impede their immune systems. If you run a business, and one of your workers gets really sick from breathing in moldy air, he or she might file a major workers’ compensation claim against you – or even sue you if you lack insurance! In other words, your problems can cascade – all from your lack of good ventilation.

What to Do about Your Problem?

Whether you need an emergency roof repair after a particularly blowy Bay Area thunderstorm, or you simply are ready to take action to fix your roof/attic, the team here at Century Roof & Solar can help. Explore our online resources, or call our team for a thorough and fair estimate for your ventilation repair needs.


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