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4 Glaring Signs That It Might Be High Time for a New Roof

On some gut level, you know that you probably need to replace your Bay Area roof. But you haven’t really wanted to tackle the issue. Is this an urgent thing, or can you defer it? Here are 4 wildly obvious signs that would indicate that it’s about time that you got off that couch and called a professional:

1. Dark, cruddy looking patches have spread across your roof

Many kinds of nastiness can cause this problem, ranging from fungal infection to the growth of certain types of vegetation to local point source pollution. Not only are these dirty patches unsettling and kind of gross to look at, but they can also be a prelude to more serious structural damage, mold, and other not-so-amazing stuff.

2. Your heating and cooling bills have unexpectedly “gone through the roof” (so to speak)

bad roof

Depending on the layout of your house, the ventilation in your attic might be creating drafts and other burdens that are forcing your heating and cooling system to work too hard.

Essentially, what happens is that unseasonable weather can cause moisture to get lodged in your attic. This moisture then seeps into the rafters and insulation, causing damage, which in turn causes the energy loss.

3. Peeling or blistering paint

moisture in attic bad roof

This is another problem often pinned to bad attic ventilation. Major temperature fluctuations (global warming, anyone?) can also imperil both the exterior and interior roof paint job.

4. Post-winter attic leakage

attic leak

We who live near the Bay Area don’t often have to deal with the kind of icy nastiness that afflicts states to our east and north. But if you live in an area where ice forms, then ice can dam up on your roof and create leaks, particularly if you have poor shingle underlayment.

For help dealing with any roof repair issue in the Bay Area, look to the team here at Century Roof & Solar. Call us now, or learn more about our roofing solutions online.


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