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Great Solar Tech Questions From Carlos Ochoa & Construction Dive

Google Plus users Carlos Ochoa & Construction Dive had some great questions for us regarding this photo of a residential solar job we did using CSI Technology.  We thought we’d share because you may have the same questions.  

We always encourage comments and questions.  Thanks guys!

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When you think of going solar do you still think of big bulky panels? Going solar can now look good and feel good. #thinkgreengogreen

Carlos Ochoa May 4, 2012

Are they still effective? What’s the cost per kilowatt vs the previous bulky panels?

Century Roof and Solar May 4, 2012

The system is very effective, the solar tiles are Csi technology (1kw per 100 sq feet) and have reduced the clients usage from $450 per month to $6.00 per month. The price per watt is $1.00 more, however the roof under the array locations are new due to the need for BIPV/Roof preparation and this area has pigeon problems that the homeowner did not want to deal with, on a conventional raised panel system. Thanks for asking +Carlos Ochoa!

Construction Dive May 4, 2012

How would they fair in extremely cold or snow-intense regions? On the surface, they definitely look better compared to the bulky panels.

Century Roof and Solar May 7, 2012

+Construction Dive The solar tiles perform very well in snow loading conditions for two reasons. The first is glass laminate with Csi cells (just like standard modules) have a uniform support structure across the entire laminate as opposed to only being picture framed like standard panels. The second advantage is that no snow load will build behind the panels because they are part of the building envelope, although snow guards would be needed to prevent snow run off from snow build up on the array.

Carlos Ochoa May 7, 2012

+Century Roof and Solar Do you know of any solar companies that would donate some solar panels to my university? =)

Century Roof and SolarMay 9, 2012

+Carlos Ochoa I would try contacting Solar Energy International at www.solarenergy.org I know that they get equipment donated to them and they should be able to help.

Carlos OchoaMay 9, 2012

+Century Roof and Solar Thanks!

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