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Benefit and Challenges of Bay Area Roof Coatings

Should you invest in Bay Area roof coatings?

It’s a simple question with (potentially) a not so simple answer.

Your needs depend on: your budget, the state of roof repair (or disrepair) of your home; your maintenance schedule; and your concerns (or lack thereof) about environmental stewardship.

Here are 5 benefits of these coatings.

1. Lengthen the life of your roofRoof Coatings

If the roof is in moderately bad shape–or even if it has leaked a bit–Bay Area roofing experts can help restore it to usable condition. A reflective recoating can also limit the amount of UV induced damage done to the roof by reducing temperature.

2. Limit waste and debris on the site

Ripping off a dilapidated or warped roof membrane or leaky/junky installation not only costs time but also creates tremendous waste. If you strategically apply coating at the right time during the lifecycle of your roof, you will reduce these expensive “scrap and rebuild” projects.

3. Improve the local “climate” of your roof to reduce the likelihood of leaks

You might not think that your roof has its own “mini climate system,” but it does!

Certain areas of any roof will be more prone to ponding and leaking than others. No engineer can 100% predict where those problems areas might be. When you recoat, you reduce the risk of these surprise climate-induced problems and thus avoid damage.

4. Improve energy use

A worn coating or compromised roof can lead to unnecessary heat wastage (or A/C wastage during the summer). By improving the roof, you reduce energy drain.

5. Increase value of the building and improve its insurability

When you fix a roof to make it look sharper, the entire building benefits aesthetically. The people who live, work, or do business in it will enjoy the property more and take better care of it.

Which roof coatings are right for your Bay Area building? To find out, get in touch with the team here at Century Roof & Solar today for a free estimate. We can answer all your questions regarding strategy, timeframe, cost, and materials. Call or email us now to get your free estimate.

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