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What Would Happen If Your Bay Area Rain Gutters Failed?

When Bay Area gutter installation or maintenance processes “go wrong,” disaster ensues.

Most homeowners know that they need to “take care of” the home’s core structural elements — the roof, the foundation, the windows, the electrical, the HVAC system, etc. But you also must be mindful of your gutters.Even though our climate is not as severe as, say New England’s; the Bay Area gets its fair share of blustery, wet, and wooly weather. You need reliable rain gutters to prevent water from pooling, leaking, and creating the conditions for mold and structural damage.

Bay Area guttersWhen gutters break down or overflow due to clogging or mechanical problems, the water can cascade in surprising, yet devastating pathways. For instance, let’s say a clog forms in a gutter above your rec room. Water spillage driven by this constraint, over time, could saturate the wood underneath, giving rise to mold. The decayed, desiccated wood then becomes a target for termites or other pests.

Depending on where this “break down” occurs, you might not even notice the tell-tale signs, such peeling paint, musty odor, missing shingles or wall panels, discoloration, etc., until the structure actually fails or an electrical fire goes off and burns down your house.

That sounds like an extreme scenario, and it’s unlikely. But we want to illustrate vividly why you need to mind your gutter system and to do the installation and maintenance the right way.

Even if you are a hardcore “do it yourselfer,” consult with licensed, experienced experts before installing your gutters. The last thing you want is to spend days of hard labor, only to screw up the installation in some subtle but pivotal way.

For top-caliber assistance with your Bay Area roofing repair needs, get in touch with the team here at Century Roof and Solar for a free estimate. Our reputable professionals are standing by to help make your job simpler.

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