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Bay Area Roofing Products: Benefits of Clay Tile

Our East Bay roofing contractors often use Boral Clay tile products to provide excellent benefits to our clients. But no matter brand you choose, clay provides some awesome features:

Bay Area roofing1. Longevity

Clay tiles can stand up to hail, flames, wind, and practically any weather that Mother Nature (even here in the Bay Area) can throw at them. One of the reasons we like Boral roofing products is that these products are extensively tested for durability.

2. Excellent performance without fading

Many Bay Area roofing products can protect your home and prevent leaks in diverse weather (e.g. frigid cold, blistering heat, wind storms, etc). But over time, weather fluctuations do their damage. Clay products have a reputation for staying beautiful, even under long-term duress.

3. Diverse styling options

Clay is a versatile and fluid medium, and modern manufacturers now make clay tiles that mimic wood shake, slate, and other types of tiles. Clay tiles can also be arranged in diverse layouts, including serpentine, staggered patterns, and traditional layouts.

4. Cost-effective

Not only do clay tiles last long, avoid fading, and effectively mimic many aesthetically pleasing materials, but they also don’t cost much!

5. Environmentally-friendly.

Many clay products are made from recycled materials, and they’re often recyclable. We like Boral roofing products because they come with a certification called “Cradle to Cradle Gold.” This means that independent experts consider these products to be environmentally-friendly.

Whether you need a clay tile roofing solution or other product or Bay Area roofing repair, turn to the Century Roof & Solar team for smart guidance and a free estimate.

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