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3 Advantages of Solar Tiles For Your Bay Area Roof

Bay Area Solar Tiles

Are you on the prowl for a Bay Area solar company to install a cost-effective, environmentally friendly energy solution? Even if you are, you’re likely are unfamiliar with all the benefits that solar tiles confer. Here are three ultra cool and dynamic benefits:

PV Solar Tiles for your home by Century Roof and Solar1. Thin film solar cells can do everything a traditional asphalt shingles can.

Solar shingles offer flexibility, durability, protection against the elements, and they are aesthetically identical to traditional shingles. They can blend in with your current roof construction. That’s a big advantage for people who don’t want to be “garish” about their switch to solar. (While some Northern Californians don’t mind being associated with “green energy,” others balk at the idea of sprouting a Keck telescope like solar system from their rooftops.)

2. Installation is relatively cheap and efficient, and tiles are lightweight.

When solar tiles replace roofing materials underneath, the installation is priced competitively. Tiles are also lightweight, so you won’t overburden the roof or structure with a heavy PV system.

3. You can stay connected to the grid – and save money doing so.

Many Northern California homeowners like the idea of being at least partially “on the grid.” When you go the solar tile route, you can save up to 60% on your monthly energy bills while exuding no noise or pollution … AND you get to sell back excess energy to the power company to lower your bill and help the community meet its energy needs.

On those blasting hot days in mid-August, you can feel proud not only that you’re collecting and using energy from the sun, but also that you’re “giving back” to the community.

Is a solar tile system solution right for you? Look to the Bay Area roofing team here at Century Roof & Solar. We can give you a free estimate and talk to you about the pros and cons of setting up this or any other solar scheme to power your home or small business. Invest a few minutes on the phone with us to enjoy massive long term savings and peace of mind. Connect today.

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