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4 Surprising Reasons to Install a Skylight or Sun Tube

As an East Bay homeowner or business owner, you’re considering installing a skylight or two during your remodeling project. Here are 4 reasons to “make the leap” and get the work done.

Sun Tube1. Enjoy more naturally created vitamin D.

Many researchers now believe that the vast majority of Americans (including many East Bay residents) do not get nearly enough natural sunlight during the day. As a result, their natural vitamin D production shuts down. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to all sorts of unfortunate health conditions. If you get a skylight installed, you will enjoy ambient light streaming into your living and working space.

2. Improve your sleep cycle.

Other research suggests that human beings are sensitive to the presence (or absence) of sunlight. If you work all day at home–and you don’t “stay in contact” with the sun–this can actually throw off your body’s natural rhythms and lead to sleep problems which in turn can cause “downstream” cascading effects. For instance, if you suffer insomnia, you might start taking drugs like Ambien, which can mess up your body in other ways.

3. Make your room feel bigger, instantly.

The lighting of a room can powerfully influence your perception of that room’s depth, size, and general warmness. We intuitively understand that small details can influence our perceptions of spaces. By adding a few skylights or sun tubes, you can open up the room to make it feel bigger and warmer.

4. Increase the real estate value of the property.

For all the reasons above–and dozens more–when you add a skylight, you make the space more livable and thus more valuable–not only to you but also to potential buyers or renters.

For help understanding best practices for skylight installation and maintenance for your Bay Area roof, get in touch with the thorough and highly reputable roofing experts at Century Roof & Solar. Visit our other website if you are interested in learning more about installing solar panels for your home.

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