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Pros and Cons of Different Roof Shapes

Are Bay Area Solar Solutions Right for Your Home?

The shape of your roof is more than a style decision. Roofing impacts the space inside your home, the degree to which your home can stand up to weather, and overall energy savings. Especially if you’re planning on “going solar” now or in the near term future, you want to build or remodel with an appropriate roof design in mind. Here are some pros and cons of 3 unique roofing styles to help you make a more informed remodeling or purchasing decision.

Mansard roofing. This classic style features a pentagon with two slopes on either side of the house, which contrasts with the singular slope of gabled roofing. This type of roof is great for providing extra space above the main floor, but it may create design and engineering challenges if you opt for solar solutions.

Skillion roofing. Skillion roofs are flat roofs where one side has been raised so the structure is on an incline. This type of solution can be used to design a home’s entire roof, or you can use it to highlight one area of a home. A skillion roof works really well when integrated with solar roofing installations, if the flat, angled roof can face substantial sun during the day. All that said, opting for this roofing paradigm can create engineering issues; it may hinder certain house designs and constrain any attic designs.

Hip roofing. Characterized by four sloping sides that come together in the center, hip roofing can also be used in conjunction with an astonishing variety of designs. Instead of meeting at a singular point as 4 triangles, the hip roof has a flat area at the top for the quadrilateral sides to meet.

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