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California Leading the Nation in Promoting Solar Energy

Bay Area Solar Company Discusses Energy Efficiency in The Golden State

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The market’s desire for solar solutions is spiking. Thanks in part to fears generated by climate change, Californians have been focusing relentlessly over the past few years on expanding the solar energy market. Bay Area solar companies, in turn, are capitalizing on government benefits that incentivize consumers to use alternative energy sources.

Several prominent solar rebate programs have attempted to speed up this positive change. One program reimburses homeowners for outfitting their existing homes with photovoltaics and other alternative heat generation systems. Water heaters powered by solar energy are also deductible. Owners of rental properties can realize tax benefits simply by refitting solar tiles to their housing. Homeowners can also take advantage of a green energy rebate called MASH.

Finally, some companies researching new alternative energy sources now can have access to state and federal grant money to develop better methods of green energy collection.

Should California residents continue to invest their tax dollars on solar infrastructure, education, and technologies? Pure libertarians have criticized these programs, saying that we’d be better off allowing the free market to set prices and determine energy tech winners and losers. On the other hand, supporters point out that a recent solar boom has created tens of thousands of jobs for Californian citizens, and the amount of water needed to cool traditional power plants has dropped. For a state frequently beset by fresh water concerns, this is a huge boon.

Residents have also seen positive environmental effects. The carbon footprint in California has noticeably decreased since the advent of more prominent solar technology. Less air pollution means a drop in the risk of several forms of cancer. Perhaps most importantly, California is becoming a solar leader for the United States, showing the rest of the country how homeowners and investors who take little steps with respect to solar can generate big returns to our society.

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