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Solar Energy’s Impact on Climate Change

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Burning fossil fuels has a direct impact on the levels of CO2 and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Driving cars, turning on lights, bathing, and cooking all indirectly serve to elevate CO2 levels. Left unchecked, high concentrations of CO2 gas in the atmosphere could unpredictably alter the world’s climate.

Solar solutions can help reduce CO2 pollution and effectively reduce the amount of greenhouse energy consumed residentially and commercially. Those who choose to install solar enjoy energy savings of up to 80%, and they can receive grants, tax breaks, and other subsidies to offset the initial cost of investment.

Solar roofing solutions are also space saving and practical, both for homeowners and businesses. Thanks to the advent of cool technologies, like solar roofing shingles that look and act almost exactly like traditional wooden shingles, you can transform your property without adding a “showy” or cumbersome solar array. You can implement these kinds of roofing reforms almost anywhere – even in urban and largely shaded areas — and the savings may cover the cost of the investment in only a few years.

Modern designs are discreet; they can capture the sun’s rays even on cloudy days and in cooler weather. The only time these systems will not absorb energy is at night. Engineers have designed solutions that harness enough energy during the day to account for the unusable time at night.

The nation currently has enough installations to offset the costs of powering over a million homes. If the trend toward solar and other renewables continues to rise, the impact may be strong enough to slow down or stop the effects of CO2 emissions on the climate.

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