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Do I Need a New Roof Before Solar Installation?

Bay Area Roofing and Solar Company Explains Roof Assessment for Solar Installation

Bay Area solar roofing installations
One of the most common questions we get as a Bay Area roofing contractor is, “Do I need a new roof if I want to install solar panels?”.

Some residents and business owners understandably worry about the roof’s integrity and size before considering Bay Area solar roofing installations:

  •  “Will my current roof be enough to accommodate an array of solar panels?”
  • “Will solar roofing cause leaks or compromise the overall structure of my roof?”
  • “Is my roof large enough for a solar panel installation?”
  • “Is my roof positioned to get the most sunlight?”

These are all valid concerns, but keep in mind that solar panel systems can be set up elsewhere, too, not just your roof.

It’s true that a solar company will first look at your roof as a viable platform for the solar panel installation, but there are other possible locations for it as well. Detached garages, poles, ground mounts and shade awnings are all good examples of solar panel spots. In some instances, your Bay Area roofing contractor may even install your solar panels on the ground because the roof is covered with shading. It’s all about finding the optimal location to best suit your needs.

Assessing Your Roof’s Condition for Solar Panels

If your roofing contractor deems that your roof is in a poor condition, then it would be a wise idea to have them replaced before installing the solar panel system. This will save you money and unnecessary headaches in the long run because you won’t have to re-install the solar panels when time comes and you need to replace the roof. Doing so will require additional solar panel removal and re-installation fees.

A good licensed roofing contractor can determine the condition of your roof and recommend the best course of action before installing solar roofing. Solar panels actually help you get more out of your new roof as it blocks out the harmful UV rays and protects it from hail, snow, and rain. Plus, it keeps the heat out from your home during the hot summer months!

The good news is that solar panels may be installed on almost all kinds of roofs, whether tile or composite. Shingle roofs and single plane roofs are the easiest ones to work with when installing new solar panels.

Contact the Leading Bay Area Solar Roofing Company

Checking to see if your current roof’s condition is good and if it’s sturdy enough is important if you want the best Bay Area solar roofing installation. Our licensed East Bay Area roofing contractors here to help you! Contact Century Roof Tile for any of your roofing or solar concerns at (888) 233-7548 or use our online contact form here.

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