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Going Solar 101: Pros and Cons of Solar Tiles

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Tiles

Solar Roofing Installations with Solar Tiles

Thinking of putting in solar roofing for your next home improvement project?

Most Bay Area roofing contractors recommend solar shingles instead of traditional solar tiles to achieve a more energy-efficient home. Solar tiles are standalone, which means you can use it as the primary roofing material.

Solar Power Distribution of Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are wired to provide electricity for both off and on-grid systems. Having a solar panel system on an on-grid system allows you to power up homes and commercial establishments. Excess electricity generated from these tiles may be sold to the utility company for a rebate. Off-grid solar systems are more for back-ups in cases of power outages. They can also store energy for future use. Keep in mind that an off-grid system can be more expensive than an on-grid system.

All solar-powered systems make use of a power inverter that converts sun energy to usable electricity. A power inverter typically converts DC electricity into AC electricity for home use. Though solar roofing installation can be costly, the investment is recouped over time. They usually pay for themselves after several years of electricity production.

Solar Tile Pros

Solar roofing shingles are more aesthetically pleasing than their traditional counterparts. Home designers will appreciate the fact that this material enhances your home’s exterior design. You can choose from different sizes or models- from systems that make use of thin films to solid shingle-size tiles that look like any other traditional shingle.

You may opt for a more durable, waterproof solar tile during the time of installation. Bay Area solar roofing contractors will have an easier time during installation- they can just staple the tile directly to the roof. Furthermore, you may be qualified to get tax incentives if you go solar.

Solar tiles are more effective than traditional panels overall. Each shingle can generate up to 17 watts of electricity! Perhaps the most notable benefit of having solar tile roofing is that you won’t have to make room for large flat surfaces to install traditional solar panel systems.

Additionally, solar energy roofing can be constructed in a way that makes them highly resistant against strong winds.

Solar Tile Cons

  • Initial installation costs can be steep.
  • The roof has to have the right angle to efficiently catch solar energy. Also, the surface area must be sufficient to reliably power your property.
  • On-grid systems will have no energy storage, which means you can’t use solar electricity during storms or in the night time.

Solar Energy Roofing in the Bay Area

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