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GAF Wins Gold Innovation Award

GAF Wins Gold Innovation Award from Home Improvement Executive in Asphalt Roof Shingles Category 

In addition to finding the best, most reputable East Bay roofing contractor, you also want to utilize top tier products to ensure that your project goes perfectly.

To that end, consider GAF lightweight concrete roof shingles, if you’re installing a new roof on a residential or commercial building. Here’s why: Home Builder Executive recently awarded GAF with the Gold Asphalt Innovation Award for the company’s asphalt roofing shingles.  (GAF’s Press Release)

GAF Timberline Natural Shadow Slate

GAF Timberline Natural Shadow Slate

If you’re not an “industry insider,” this may seem like an obscure award. Who really cares?

Well, you should! Home Builder Executive is one of the key industry mavens; they help set standards and declare “winners and losers” in the homebuilding products industry. HBE editors carefully weigh various products — looking at interviews, data, and customer testimonials — before voting on winners. GAF also won plaudits for rolling out the first Lifetime Roofing System in the industry and for releasing products like Timberline American Harvest, Monaco, and Woodland Shingles. For good measure, GAF also helps out communities with its “Roofs for Troops” program, which has assisted over 5,000 military veterans and personnel.

Part of GAF’s “secret sauce” is its Advanced Protection Technology, which boosts performance of shingles with respect to wind resistance and durability, while conserving natural resources. The lifetime shingles made by GAF pass the most stringent wind tests used by the ASTM, and they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

We here at Century Roof and Solar believe that consumers deserve to know about the best, most durable roofing products. Our elite master certified roofing contractors use GAF lightweight concrete roof shingles.

Of course, we are also a flexible, innovative company. We want to help you solve your roofing challenges by meeting your budgetary requirements as well as needs for durability, strength and other parameters. Every roofing job is different.

No matter what complex factors you face, the team here at Century Roof and Solar can meet your needs and answer all of your questions. Get in touch with us today online to schedule a free estimate.

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