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4 Mission Critical Emergency Roofing Repair Tips

Whether a tree crashed into your Bay Area home, or an unrelenting deluge caused leaks to spring through several different holes in your house, you need to take emergency measures.  Here are 4 Bay Area roofing repair tips to help you protect your property, pocketbook, and family:

Emergency roofing repair tip #1: When in doubt, get out of there!

If your roof or home’s structure has been seriously compromised, do not stay inside. Get out of your home as quickly as possible and arrange temporary housing. Grab emergency supplies, and go. Don’t worry about overreacting. The worst that will happen is that the water damage will get slightly worse while you’re gone, and you’ll be out a few hundred dollars for lodging. The worst that will happen if you under-react is… well, literally the worst that can happen!

Emergency roofing repair tip #2: Document, by any means possible.

For insurance purposes – and for repair purposes – strive to document what’s gone wrong, if you could do so safely. Take videos of the damage or snap pictures: pictorial/video evidence contains more information. But even if you just run around your property with a notebook and sketch out where you see the damage, you’ll be ahead of the game.

Emergency roofing repair tip #3: Staunch the immediate damage, if you can do so safely.

For instance: You might lay down towels, buckets, and other materials to absorb/collect leak water. Likewise, you might want to shutdown your electrical systems, so that they don’t short circuit and cause a fire. Avoid doing this work at night or during the heart of the storm, if possible, and make sure you have an assistant working with you, so you don’t get trapped alone in the building.

Emergency roofing repair tip #4: Get help with the project: this is not the time or place to exercise your “do-it-yourself” skills.

If you’re dealing with a subtle, contained issue, like a small leak consider the DIY approach. But if your structure has been compromised in a serious way – or if you have a large area of problematic shingles letting in too much water for your bucket. Odds are, you lack the training, knowledge, tools, and products to get the job done safely and effectively. Call the team at Century Roof & Solar now for help with your Bay Area emergency roofing repair. Our team is licensed, bonded, and well-versed in how to deal with an array of scary and complex roof-related disasters. Call us (510) 780-9489 for a free evaluation to get help now.

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