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Get Off That Couch and Go Clean Those Gutters!

Yes, it’s a beautiful summer California afternoon.

But you owe to yourself and your family to maintain your home. The time to clean your gutters is now. Just 15 to 20 minutes of maintenance can help you side step extremely expensive home repairs down the line and protect your most precious material investment against the ravages of water damage, mold, structural instability, infestations, and so forth.

Gutter Cleaning Tactics

1. Identify problem areas.

Leaking gutters can allow water to overflow and cause structural problems, moisture damage to wood, and even cracks in the foundation itself. Once these problems begin, the elements will exacerbate them. Water can freeze in cracks in the winter and make them worse, for instance. Gutter problems can also crack driveways, causes sidewalks to become slippery, destroy landscaping, and invite nasty insects and bees to take up residence on your property.

2. Wear appropriate clothing, and be smart.

Wear suitable gloves, and avoid hazards, like power lines and wasp nests.

3. Trace a methodical path from one end of your house to the other.

Use a hose and gloves to empty out full gutters. Empty the hose down all spouts to clear away all debris. Do not stand or sit on the roof – work from your ladder. Replace lose bolts or gutter spikes as you go. Afterwards, install gutter guards under your spouts to prevent leaves from building up near the spout exits and causing overflow.

If you’re confused — or if you’d like help from experienced professionals — talk to the team at Century Roof and Solar. We can provide a customized gutter cleaning solution. Connect with us for a free consultation today at www.centuryroofandsolar.com, or call us at 510-780-9489.

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