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Bay Area Home Spring Roof Maintenance

Tips From East Bay Roofing Contractor

It’s Bay Area roofing repair season! You are (finally!) getting around to that “spring cleaning” session that you had planned for early March.

Well, better late than never.

Experts recommend that homeowners inspect their roofs at least twice a year: once in fall, before the blustery winter weather; and once in spring, to deal with winter weather damage.

Here’s a quick primer to get you started with spring roof care.

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See any peeling? See any shingles blown off during the winter? Are any shingles scoured or de-granulated? When the grain gets stripped off shingles, the sun’s UV radiation can penetrate them easier and cause them to crack and warp.

Be mindful of any mold, fungi or other growths.

Avoid using a power washer, which can strip grains off the shingles, making them more susceptible to UV damage. Spray on a moss remover, instead, and then find and replace any obviously damaged shingles.

Check your gutters and spouts.

With safety as your watchword, scoop out leaves, twigs, bird droppings, and debris out of your gutters. Wear heavy gloves, so you don’t get cut or poked. If storms loosened gutters, tighten them, and tighten any metal roof bolts as well, in preparation for summer thunderstorm season.

Inspect your vents and soffits.

Remove spiders, nests, wasps, and other accumulated debris.

Look at the flashing around your skylight and chimney.

These metal strips can get loosened by harsh winter weather and make the roofing structure less stable and resistant to decay.

Should you “DIY” or call a roofing contractor?

As the saying goes, caution is the better part of valor. Make sure that you’re doing the right projects — and doing them safely — before you finalize your “DIY” maintenance process.

Connect with the team here at Century Roof and Solar to design a cost effective spring roof repair and maintenance strategy. Find out more about us online, or call today for a free estimate.

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