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Why Your Home’s Roof Takes Center Stage for Potential Buyers

bay area, new roof, roof installation, roof repair, roofing repair, home buyersWhen selling your home, it is important to ensure that everything is in the best shape possible to present to potential buyers. Many sellers choose to focus on the interior of their home in efforts to prepare for home listing. While the interior is certainly important, the exterior of a home is of equally importance. That is, it is the condition of your home’s exterior paint and roofing that provides the first impression to potential home buyers — something that can make or break a final buying decision.

The importance of roofing to potential home buyers

The Pros of a New Roof

When you consider selling your home, you might believe that a new roof is not your responsibility. However, if your roof is very old or simply in bad condition, potential buyers might request that you have the roof done before considering going through on a sale. Another possibility is that they will request money off of the sale price due to the roof’s condition. To prevent this and realize the full amount of money that your home is worth, consider consulting a local roofing company. They will explain how you can best increase your home value before selling. A professional can also help you find new tiles to complement the rest of your home’s exterior, making your home shine.

The Pros of a Roofing Repair

Roof repair is another great option if you are looking to increase your home’s curb appeal. If your roof only has a few trouble spots that need a sprucing up, repairing instead of replacing your roof entirely is a great idea. If one side of your home is blanketed in tall trees, frequently depositing mounds of leaves and debris, one side of your roof may be in worse condition than the other. Another issue that should be addressed before listing your home is the repair of any leaks, cracks, or missing roof tiles; not only will they affect the curb appeal of your home, leaving a negative first impression, but such leaks or cracks can also affect the integrity of the home’s interior ceilings.

Bay Area new roof installation and roof repair

Century Roof & Tile is located in the Bay Area, and features a team of qualified professionals who are eager to assist you in making sure that your roof is at its very best. Inside and out, your home will be left in great shape, signaling to eager buyers and real estate agents to send you their offers. Let Century Roof & Tile help bolster your home’s curb appeal before you sell for the best home selling experience possible. To experience these professional roofing services , call (888) 233-7548, or send us a message using our online form.

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