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How To Choose The Best Roof Color For Your Bay Area Home

East Bay Roofing Company on Choosing the Best Roof Tile Color

Deciding on a color for your new roof involves taking things into consideration that go beyond looks. In addition to boosting the aesthetic appeal of your home, the color will also determine the average lifespan of your roof to a certain extent. Regardless of the considerations, it easy to see why picking a new roof color can be so exciting. After all, you are giving your house a new look. So without further ado, let us give you some points to keep in mind before you get in touch with Bay Area roofing contractors for a re-roofing.

1. The climate in your area

First thing’s first – you have to make sure that the roof color adds to your comfort. Did you know the shingle colors can influence the attic temperature by as much as 40 degrees! Yes, it is true. Whereas light shingles keep sunlight away, dark shingles absorb light and keep the home warm. So, you can probably tell which color type would be suitable for what climate.

2. Overall architecture

When it comes to matching the color with architecture, we’d advise you to stick to the tried and tested formulas. Keep classic color palettes for traditional architectural homes, and contemporary for the opposite. Also, bear in mind that dark colors tend to make homes look smaller while light colors make it look bigger.

Determining your home’s architectural style and the appropriate roof color that should go with it is not easy. In that case, don’t hesitate to consult with a Bay Area roofing company for advice.

3. Coordinate with shingle colors

This one’s a no-brainer here – the color of your shingles should obviously match with colors found in other parts like wooden siding, bricks, stone, trim or stucco of your house. Say for example; a dark grey roof will match better with a light grey or blue house while a brown or tan colored home will better accommodate brown or cream color shingles.

4. Rules of your neighborhood

Before getting the roof painted, make sure that the color doesn’t conflict with the rules set by the homeowner’s association and such. Just out of courtesy, it would also be good if your roof color is not 100% identical to your neighbor’s.

5. Your favorite house features

Stone walls, wraparound windows, bay windows, and other features and a homeowner’s favorite parts also set the tone for color. Always go for complementary colors to highlight these elements – or don’t, if you want to go discrete.

Contact Century Roof Tile for Bay Area Roofing Services

If you’ve chosen a roof color and you think it’s time for a new roof, contact our team today! For a roof inspection and consultation, get in touch with our East Bay roofing company, Century Roof Tile, via our online contact form or by phone at 1-888-233-7548.


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