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How to Avoid Disaster When Maintaining Your Roof

As if homeowners didn’t already have enough to worry about – foreclosures, crazy winter weather, etc. – we also need to consider the perils that come hand-in-hand with maintaining clean, safe, non-leaky roofs.

No matter what materials you use for your roofing – shingles, slate, exotic new materials – you will eventually have to do maintenance and repair to avoid disintegration, mold, leaks, and other nasty business. Adventurous homeowners may attempt their own maintenance. But beware. Disaster lurks even in this most mundane of chores:

1. You could hurt yourself.

You could get electrocuted by touching a power cord or an electric line. You could fall off your ladder. You could get stung by a bee while scrabbling around on your roof. You could even stick yourself in the eye with a tree branch as you try to yank that tree branch free from your roof or other structure. Let’s not forget the less exotic but no less uncomfortable injuries, such as strained backs, twisted knees, and scrapes and bruises of all sizes.

2. You could forget to check crucial areas.

Imagine you spend a whole day clearing off tree branches and leaves after a big storm. You might feel like a champion, and your wife (or husband) might make you a big bowl of warm soup as a thank you. But you may have ignored crucial problem areas that can come back to haunt you. For instance, your flashings may be warped; this can lead to long-term decay and mold. You might overlook debris hiding in nooks and crevices. You might not notice lichen, mold, moisture, or other metastasizing problems that could eat through your roof, cause leaks, and cause other structural damage or warping.

3. You could fail to protect your roof long-term.

Crazy, woolly winter weather can blow tree branches and other shrapnel down on your house. Failure to coat and protect and stain your roof may lead, indirectly, to gross weathering stains and worse. Failure to identify and repair lose shingles can also lead to damage and time- consuming clean up. Etc.

How can you protect yourself against the dangers of inadequate maintenance — these and other common mistakes that cost homeowners thousands and lead to achy backs and worse?

Connect immediately with the team at Century Roof & Solar. Our premier roof system specialists are famous throughout the East Bay area region for providing excellent service, meticulous maintenance, and long-term help.

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