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The Dawn of Solar Power is (Finally!) Here… Took Long Enough, Didn’t It?

So we’ve made it to 2012. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

But while the world has advanced in countlessly diverse ways since the energy crisis of the 70s, the US-Soviet rivalry of the 80s, the roaring 90s and the boondoggle oughts, solar power has yet to have its day in the sun. We’ve been hearing promises of a Solar Revolution since the 1970s (and even before that), but the technology, systems, and processes simply have not aligned effectively with the marketplace.

 But things are finally shifting, decisively, in the solar direction; industry analysts and pundits alike believe that 2012 may (finally) be the year that solar goes mainstream.

Here are a few reasons why:

 1. Going solar is easier than ever before.

 New technologies, materials, and design and electronic innovations have helped make solar installation and maintenance super easy. The bar for entry has been decisively lowered. When consumers work with reputable firms, like the team here at Century Roof & Solar, they are often floored by the speed, agility, and simplicity of the process.

 2. Reduce your dependence on “the grid.”

Especially here in California, home and condo owners often find themselves at the mercy of less than scrupulous utility companies. Spontaneously changing plans, delivery schedules, and other v
3. Shrink your energy bill.ariables can disrupt your service or at least compel you to pay far more than you had budgeted to run your home, pool, and life. When you go solar, you take back your independence.

Going solar can help you save money. Not only will you no longer would beholden to the vagaries and whims of the utility companies, but you’ll also save over the longer term. You may even increase the value of your home. Installing solar vs. buying power from utilities is somewhat akin to the difference between renting vs. buying a property. Instead of “renting” power from a company, you control the means of production.

 4. Eco-friendliness.

Bay Area homeowners have a reputation for being “green-minded” for a reason – we care about our environment and our planet. We want to reduce our ecological footprint. Solar has long been touted as an environmentally-friendly source of energy — it’s what mother nature uses, after all.


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