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Is Solar Technology Worthless During the Cold, Dark Winter?

 Are solar panels effective during the winter months?

You might intuitively be led to believe that, because winter months are colder, solar panels won’t get as much “energy,” and thus will not be able to heat your home or run your property effectively.

You might also be worried about the ability of the electronics in your solar panels to function during cold snaps. As a point of fact, most solar panel technology functions better in cold temperatures than it does in overly hot temperatures; your solar panels should be able to collect plenty of usable sunlight, irrespective of what the mercury reads outside.

You can still tap solar energy to power your home, life, and work effectively, as long as you practice some easy maintenance tips.

First of all, recognize that, even when it’s overcast out, your solar panels can still collect energy to help with household needs. Depending on the thickness of the clouds, the presence or absence of precipitation, and other factors, solar panels still gather significant energy.

Some solar panels are even powerful enough to extract usable energy from moonlight, streetlights, or even starlight.

All that being said, gunk, buildup, bird droppings, leaves, debris, and snow can collect on your panels and diminish their capabilities. Most homeowners in Northern California – at least in the regions close to major urban and metropolitan areas – don’t have to deal with massive snowfall cleanup. But even non-snow precipitation, such as winter storms or wind squalls, can knock debris under the panels and diminish their effectiveness.


If your roof collects significant snow piles or debris, you will likely need to remove the contaminants to maximize your panel’s utility. However, you have to be extra cautious when working on roofs. You might want to hire a general contractor or snow removal service to assist you, so that you don’t fall and get injured during the cleaning process.

At the end of the day, the solar panel solution remains ideal for homeowners who are concerned about the environment, about electrical costs, and about long-term, financially sound decisions.

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