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Is Your Roof Prepared For (And Protected From) Bad Winter Weather?

-Old Man Winter Is Going To Huff And Puff On Your Roof: Are You Prepared For (And Protected From) Bad Winter Weather?  

Whether you live in the Northern California mountains, and you and your community are already “battening down the hatches” in preparation for massive snowfalls; or you live in a milder, more urban region of Northern California SF Bay Area (that nevertheless occasionally gets assaulted by Old Man Winter), you need proven, easy, cost effective ideas to protect your home.

Here are some evergreen tips:

Check your “roof plumbing”: downspouts, fascia, gutters, and other elements of your roof’s “plumbing” are easily assaulted by snow, ice and other weather. Clean that stuff out, check for leaks, and seal up the “plumbing” yourself or work with a professional to get the job done.

After storms, particularly wind storms, roof shingles can detach or come loose. If you fail to notice minor damage, leaks can develop, which can in turn metastasize into multi thousand dollar home repair projects. So, after a big storm or wind event, go outside and check on your roof.

If you own a flat roof, you might want to apply a weather protective coat. Or, you could hire a professional to do the job for you.

Winter weather “attacks” on your roof and structure can happen in the most surprising and inconvenient times. For instance, say you’re out of town on a vacation or conference. You hear about a storm ripping through your community from friends or through an online alert. What do you do then? Or what should do you if you’re in the middle of urgent responsibilities, like childcare or preparation for a business meeting?

The answer is: Get help, ASAP. If you let winter weather damage linger, the results could be costly, annoying cleanup.

Trust the Bay Area professionals at Century Roof and Solar to get your job under control.

For over 15 years, our team — the “most trusted name in roofing” — has been helping business owners and homeowners like you solve their roofing problems.


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