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Tips for Finding the Best Roofing Contractor

How to Pick a Bay Area Roofer

Bay Area roofing contractorWhether a tree branch recently collapsed on your Bay Area condo, or your tenant spotted a leak coming from her apartment, you’re searching for roofing contractors to manage your crisis and, ideally, prevent similar crises from erupting in the future.
Here are some tips for identifying great people to meet your needs. First off, do due diligence and take your time. Although you are in a rush — you may need to get the roof  job done fast, not only to protect yourself (and your tenants) but also to comply with code — avoid choosing the wrong people for the job.

Your prospective contractor should be fully licensed with the state and should have comprehensive insurance coverage. Before doing roofing installations, the contractor should have certifications and warranties on the products to be used.

Depending on the work that needs to be done, contractors may also need to acquire building permits and engage in other bureaucratic measures to ensure the work is up to code and to avoid fines and fees.

In addition to these due diligence activities, you also may want to research prospective contractors’ reputations. Are they seasoned? Have there been any complaints against them at the Better Business Bureau? What’s their reputation like online? If you’re hiring for a big, important project, you may want to ask to speak with several previous clients.

Create a list of all the important attributes that you want your contractor to have: for instance, you might want a team that’s affordable, reputable, licensed, close by and communicative. Then use those positive attributes to winnow down your choices and pick the right team.

Lastly, communicate extensively with your team before, during and after the project.

Find the Right Bay Area Roof and Solar Contractor

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