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Solar Tiles Vs. Solar Panels

Which Type Of Roof Is Right For You?

Whether you just purchased a Bay Area home, and you’re hoping to reduce your energy bills by “going solar,” or you’re exploring solar roofing and other solar solutions to make your home eco-friendly and/or to prepare for a sale, you want a solution that makes sense.

Should you opt for solar tiles or solar panels, for instance?

Let’s do a quick analysis.

First off, installing tiles and shingles can qualify you for generous tax subsidies; and these elements are generally easier to apply than panels. Tiles, technically speaking, are photovoltaic cells that mimic traditional roof shingles. They first became commercially available in 2005; at that time, they were more expensive than panels, but recent market forces have driven down the cost, so now the prices are equivalent.

Solar tiles also can do double duty — in addition to providing solar energy, they can also waterproof your house and protect it from the elements.

Both California and the federal government offer tax subsidies and other perks for homeowners who “go solar” using panels or tiles. You can check out the Database of State Incentives for Renewable and Efficiency (DSIRE) to get the latest information about what incentives and benefits are available to Bay Area residents. The U.S. government, meanwhile, is offering 30% tax credits when you buy solar equipment.

Other factors that should influence your solar decisions include your timeframe for construction, your timeframe for selling or leasing the home and your aesthetic preferences (if any).

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