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Is My Roof Fit for Solar Roofing Installation?

What to Know Before Installing Solar Energy Roofing


Whether you’re a property manager overseeing multiple developments on Oceanfront land, or you’re a homeowner concerned about spiking energy costs, you’re seriously considering investing in solar roofing. Not only can such a shift reduce your energy bills in the short term, but it can also help the environment, make your property more valuable, and control long-term energy costs. Unfortunately, not all roofs are ideal for solar energy roofing. Here’s what you need to know:

Roof Types

It is easier to install solar roofing on some types of roofs. Tile roofs and shake roofs make a solar roofing installations more difficult, because minor damage — such as broken tiles — is inevitable. (Such problems can start even during installation, when workers climb on the roof and carry materials across it to secure the tiles.) While the costs associated with this type of damage aren’t prohibitive, they do raise the overall price of the installation.

An overly steep roof, meanwhile, presents a different set of challenges. Workers may need to use special equipment to complete the installation and/or conduct any maintenance and repairs.
Lastly, an overly flat roof also may be less than ideal; you could need to install special racks in order to place solar paneling at the right angle (like in the photo above).

Condition and Age

While properly installed and maintained solar energy roofing panels can reduce wear and tear on your roof, they cannot replace the roof itself, unless they consist of photovoltaic shingles. If your roof is near the end of its warranty and/or of its useful life, consider replacing or remodeling it before installing solar panels, and talk to a professional before you make any modifications.

Bay Area Solar Roofing Installations Experts Can Advise

The Century Roof & Solar team would love to assess your roofing needs and help you explore simple, cost effective methods to save energy, liberate yourself from the grid and do your part to limit your impact on the environment. Century can complete a solar roofing analysis to determine whether solar is a good option for you and what the best locations for solar panels would be for your home. Call us today at (510) 780-9489 or send us a message for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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