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Did You Know: Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

Surprising Facts About Solar Energy in California and Abroad

Concentrated Solar Tiles for Power Plant

Since the U.S. Department of Energy began investing in solar in the 1980s, this environmentally-friendly energy source has continued to grow in popularity. In fact, given the incredible surge in interest in solar that’s developed over the past 5 years or so (hat tip: Elon Musk), California may be poised to witness a veritable solar energy revolution.

Check out these fun facts about solar solutions.

1. Solar tiles collect energy from the most abundant energy source available on our planet. – The sun supplies the Earth with 173,000 terawatts of continuous energy.

2. A single CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) plant can supply power to thousands. – One average sized CSP plant generates enough power for 70,000 homes.

3. Italy and Germany love solar. – Although any homeowner can invest in solar energy roofing, solar energy gets the most attention in Italy and Germany.

4. Spacecrafts utilize solar energy. – Since the 1960’s, orbiting satellites have put solar energy to good use.

5. California’s Mojave Desert houses the world’s largest solar energy project. – The Mojave Desert project includes 350,000 mirrors and will generate power for 140,000 homes.

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Bringing Solar Energy Roofing to Your Bay Area Home

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