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Skylight Diagnosis & Repair Tips

How to Repair and Diagnose Skylight Problems

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A significant percentage of skylights can stay for extended periods without requiring routine repairs. However, skylights are usually exposed to very harsh conditions of weather, and this implies that with time, they can develop leaks among other related problems. The gaskets shrink, the glass fails, and the skylight begins to leak. Even if you take great care of your roof, holes might still develop as a result of normal tear and wear. Furthermore, a leaky skylight could just be an indication of more severe hidden problems.

If you are experiencing leaks around the skylight of yours, typically, you’ll want to identify the source of the problem to ensure that the skylight repair is done as soon as possible. In some cases, skylight leaks might be a sign that you need serious roofing maintenance and repairs.

Common Roofing Problems: Diagnosing Skylight Leaks

It is imperative to note that the first major step in any skylight repair is to identify the primary source of the leak through a thorough inspection. On most occasions, the prospect of finding the source of a skylight leak can be a tricky and a daunting task. This is perhaps why it should handle by experienced and qualified professionals such as the roofing contractors at the Century Roof & Tile. Why? Sometimes, what seems to be a leak is typically collections of condensation, which might signal that your skylight is not adequately airtight. This particular phenomenon occurs mostly during the cold seasons, in damp locations such as greenhouses and kitchens and perhaps in single-glazed skylights. However, if there are streaks of running water down the wall which originates from certain points on the edge of the skylight, you probably have leak problems at your disposal.

Check to see that your skylight is completely closed, especially if it opens. Confirm if the weather seals are in good state. Moreover, you should know if the leak only happens during the winter, fall or when there are ice or snow accumulations on your roof. If that is the case, then you should examine behind the skylight for snow, leaves, ice or any other type of debris which might be clogging the downhill water flow resulting in your skylight backing up typically under the roof shingles.

You should know that leaks can originate elsewhere and flow into your house via the skylight. So if you don’t notice any issue with your skylight, you might need to consider making flashing repairs or roofing repairs. Water which enters through vent flashing or roof leaks can travel significant distances.

Handling the appropriate skylight repairs

If the skylight leak occurs in the flashing, which refers to the point of contact between the roof and the skylight, temporary repairs may be necessary. This can be done by using roof flashing cement all over the unit’s perimeter. But, proper repairs would mean eliminating the shingles near the skylight, installing the ideal flashing and reinstalling newer shingles in the region.

Leaks at the glass frame might have allowed water to enter the structure of the window, forcing them apart and resulting in the damage to the insulated glass’ seal. If it is proven that the insulating glass unit of your skylight is damaged, the unit can be re-sealed so as to prevent any further water leakage. But, for the dark skylight glass of a damaged window unit plus the condensation to be removed, you’ll need to replace the skylight.

Highly efficient and straightforward skylight repair tips.

  • Use a tube or can roofing cement to close any holes or gaps in the flashing.
  • Use a hundred percent tube silicone caulking to seal any leaks around the lens of the skylight.
  • If still there are leaks in your skylight, you can either repair or replace the metal flashing around the skylight frame.

For a permanent solution, hire a Bay Area roofing contractor

If you are currently having trouble with a persistent skylight leak or any other roofing problem, you should contact the professionals at the Century Roof & Tile. With years of experience in the field of Bay Area roofing repairs, we have unmatched knowledge regarding the skylight installation procedures, repairs and long-lasting solutions to your skylight leaks. Contact us today and enjoy our high-quality roofing services of all kinds. Give us a call at 1-888-233-7548 or contact us via our online contact form.

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