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Why you should install Tile Roofing

bay area roofing contractorsRoofs not only play the important role of keeping a home warm and dry, but also, they are generally the first thing that visitors notice when viewing your house. Thus, your home’s roofing must be presentable.

What You Can Expect From Tile Roofing

Why tile roofing?
Many homeowners select durable metal roofs or cost-effective shingles, but there are also those who are starting to see the benefits of tile roofing, especially when they desire appeal and durability. However, tile roofing’s heavy weight and costliness must also be considered.

Apart from the good looks of their exterior, roofing tiles are also strong insulators. This is attributed to the airspace between them, which allows for efficient air circulation and reduces heat transfer. As a result of these features, both air conditioning utility bills and ice dam formation during the winter are reduced. With regards to weight, commercial and quality residential structures need little or no extra bracing. If there are any additional costs to be met, usually these represent a very small portion.

Benefits of tile roofing
Southern US homes often feature tile roofs. This is because while most of these houses are 50-60 years old, they still have their original roofing due to its superior durability. Most tiles currently used are made from concrete, clay, or sand. However, various advancements in the manufacturing processes have utilized the emergence of lighter and more composite tiles, while still providing the same type of longevity.

Most manufacturers often rate their tiles on a long-term basis (50 years) with proper maintenance, but this is usually a conservative estimate. A tile’s natural resistance to sun damage and top-notch protection against rot and insect destruction allow for this longevity. Additionally, water cannot lead to the decay of tiles, nor provide a source of food insects.

Essentially, tiles can be made from any color or shape that one prefers. For example, some tiles can be made to resemble wooden shakes, but with far superior fire resistance capabilities. This particular feature has made tile roofing quite favorable among a significant population of homeowners. Also, roofing tiles are made the ideal option in places of temperate climatic conditions.

Interested in installing tile roofing? Contact a professional company.

If you have decided to pursue a roof installation project for your Bay Area home, competent and reputable companies should be sought out to handle your project. Century Roof and Tile is one such company that serves to conduct roofing and skylight installations, as well as handle any repairs. Century adequately delivers superior projects that are in line with all your roofing needs. Give us a call at 1-888-233-7548 or contact us via our online contact form.

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