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Three Common Errors People Make When Choosing Skylights for their Homes

Whether you’re in the early stages of a Bay Area remodeling project, or you just bought a new home, and you would like to “open things up a bit” and get more light and feng shui, you face urgent upcoming decisions about your skylights. In this article, we explore three common mistakes people make when researching, designing, and executing their skylight projects.

Mistake # 1: Choosing the wrong shape/style.

The most common category is the standard flat style light. These lights generally come in square or rectangular shapes. But you can also find dome skylights, curb mounted lights, and customized shapes and styles. When choosing, most home remodelers only look at one or two aspects… and thus set themselves up to fail. For instance, say you’re just concerned about aesthetics only. So you pick a flat light. But you fail to note the potential for debris from a nearby tree to accumulate on the skylight. Cave in hazard, anyone?

Mistake #2: Failing to note how (or even whether!) the area will get sunlight.

In an ideal world, you want the sun to actually shine through the skylight.

But if you build the skylight at the wrong angle or on the wrong side of a particular room, you will get far less light than you ideally want. Or you might get too much sun! Or sun at the wrong time of day! Or any other number of problems. So you need to pay attention to where and how the sun transits across your home and roof

Mistake #3: Failing to plan to protect against leaks and insulation problems.

If you do your skylight improvement project “DIY,” you can easily make errors that can cost you big time in terms of heat leaching and structural weaknesses. A badly installed skylight is an easy and convenient place for mold, mildew and leaks. What’s frustrating is that your subtle mistakes may only reveal themselves months or years after you finish construction.

To make sure your skylight project goes smoothly – to avoid the subtle mistakes we just talked about that can potentially cost you money, heartache and thousands of dollars – connect with the experienced construction team at Century Roof & Solar.

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