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7 Jaw-Dropping Facts about Solar Power

Whether you are a Bay Area business owner who wants to help protect the environment; or you’re a cost-conscious Bay Area homeowner or landlord irked by usurious utility fees, you might be intrigued by the following list of cool facts about solar power:

1. CA’s daytime energy needs met?!

If all of California’s commercial and industrial facilities had solar power panels, we could instantly meet all of the Golden State’s daytime energy needs… without a single other source of energy.

2. Silicon packs a punch!

We all know that solar power is “more efficient” over the long-term than fossil fuel burning. But did you know that a single ton’s worth of silicon (processed into solar panels) can generate as much electricity as half a million tons of coal? Pretty amazing.

3. Storied legacy.

John Herschel, a British astronomer who traveled to Africa two centuries ago, cooked his food using solar power. And none other than Albert Einstein himself won a noble peace prize in 1921 for his solar power experiments.

Albert Einstein


4. Best Solar on Earth?

Guess what country makes the best use out of solar power, objectively speaking? The US? Some place in the Sahara or Caribbean? Not quite. The answer is… Germany! That’s right:even though Germany is covered with forest — and the country gets savaged by debilitating winters – it beats all other countries when it comes to extracting good energy through solar.

5. Massive long term savings?

If you replace your electric water heater with a solar model, you could slice your water bills by perhaps 50% annually. Let’s break down those numbers. Let’s say $400 every year to heat your water. By this logic, you could save $200 a year just on water heating. Over a decade, that adds up to $2,000 of savings. Not insubstantial!

6. (Near) instant gratification.

When solar energy leaves the sun, it takes just eight minutes to travel from the surface of the sun to hit your panel. Physicists would say it takes “eight light minutes” for the energy to get to you. Curiously, it can take the same energy literally millions of years to travel from the sun’s core to the sun’s surface. So it’s a million year journey from the center of the sun to the surface of the sun… and then just an eight minute journey from the sun to your stove!

7. Easy peas-y.

Going solar is far, far, far, far easier (and far more cost-effective) than it used to be, even a few years ago.

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