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Roofing Benefits of a Solar Roof vs. Green Roof

Solar vs. Green Roofing: Which is best for you?


Green roofs and solar roofs constitute two exciting roofing options for environmentally conscious building and homeowners. But which option is better for you, given your budget, your building’s structure and aesthetic, and your long term plans with respect to the property? Here are some things to consider:

Advantages of Green Roofs

Green roofs, which consist of a waterproofing barrier, a medium for plants to grow in, and the living plants themselves, are excellent insulators. Buildings with green roofs need less energy for heating in the winter and for cooling in the summer.

Green roofs attract birds and butterflies. On larger buildings the flat roofs may be used as public parks, which are wonderful additions to city life.

Advantages of Solar Roofs

In the Bay Area, solar roofs are becoming increasingly popular, which means consumers can now obtain better technology for cheaper.
Solar roofs are less expensive to install and maintain than green roofs. After a solar roof is installed, it requires little maintenance. A green roof, by contrast, requires roof leak repair and the corresponding investment of time and/or money.

Solar roof owners generally do not have to worry about leaking and mold, like green roofs owners often do. On the other hand, a properly installed green roof will reduce the likelihood that you will need a roof leak repair in the future.

Still having trouble weighing the pros and cons of solar roofing?

A little research can go a long way to ensure the utility and profitability of your solar investment. Encourage open communication with your solar provider, and call our experienced, reputable Bay Area solar solution team at (888) 233-7548 today for a free consultation.
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