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Why Should I Be Concerned About My Gutters?

Bay Area Roofing Contractors Address the Importance of Maintaining Gutters


As August comes to a close, Bay Area residents are busy grilling, swimming and enjoying a few brief moments of quiet while the kids are getting ready to head back to school. Very few homeowners have time to spend dwelling on their gutters.

Even if you recently noticed a leak in a spout or a warped area on your roof, you may not feel compelled to do something about it right away. After all, it’s dry and placid, and the harsher storms and winds of late fall and winter seem distant.

However, roofing contractors would stress that identifying problems with your gutters is extremely important, and not just because preventative maintenance can help you catch and reverse roofing water engineering problems before they cause irreversible damage. Leaky gutters can also lead to the formation of unpleasant problems, such as mildew, mold and bacteria, which can get into your roof, your attic and the walls of your home, in turn affecting air quality and the useful life of the materials that you rely on to keep your home safe and comfortable. Mold can even indirectly lead to structural problems and create risks of roof collapse.

Leaky gutters can also lead to flooding on your property. If your home is surrounded with trees or flower beds that you have spent time or money to plant and maintain, and your gutters are not draining properly, a significant downpour could wipe out your topiary and cost you thousands of dollars to replace and seriously impact the appearance of your home.

Beyond simply diverting water away from your plantings, structure, and foundation, shiny new gutter installations can really have a drastic effect on your home’s curb appeal. Old dirty, rusty, or dented gutters are one of the most prominent features of your home’s structure as viewed from the street.

Aesthetics aside – who wants to look at dingy, corroded gutters?

Installing new gutters might not seem like glamorous or urgent work, but preventative maintenance can save you money and frustration and make your home more robust and resilient. Call the Century Roof & Tile roofing contractors at (888) 233-7548 today for insight into your gutter repair and maintenance needs. You can also contact us online right here from our contact page.

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