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Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Summer to Install Solar Panels

Using Solar Solutions to Cool Your Home

bay-area-solar-solutionsMany customers call our Bay Area roofing contractors, eager to install solar tiles on their homes. They want to start saving money on energy and mindfully increase the resale value of their homes or businesses.

But not everyone rushes to start the solar roofing installation process. Some people are naturally cautious about doing home improvement projects. Others may just need (or want) to watch their budgets. But there are several good reasons to move quickly on your solar project.

Summer is the best season to have functioning solar panels. Energy costs rise rapidly in the summer, thanks to A/C costs. By investing in solar now, you can leverage alternative energy to keep cool come July and August instead of relying on expensive grid energy.

Solar companies offer many payment plans that can help you defer the upfront investment costs and get the infrastructure up and running.

If you defer the project now, you may never come back and complete it. There’s never a “perfect time” to make a major home improvement. Life always seems to “get in the way.” If you don’t take action to install solar now, you’ll be more likely to defer it again and again. You could wind up wasting months or years stuck in your current, ineffective home heating and lighting paradigm, tied to the grid, and spending way more than you should on your energy costs.

Learn More About the Exciting New Advances In Solar Technology

The team here at Century Roof and Solar can introduce you to exciting new technology designed to help homeowners save more, extract more useful energy from the sun, and reduce maintenance costs and worries. Contact us today at for a free estimate on solar power roofing for your home.

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