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Using Thermal Imaging to Detect Roof Leaks

Bay Area Roof Leak Repair

Thermal imaging for roof leaksThermal imaging leak detection is an exciting, powerful roof repair technology that developers and property owners around the Bay Area are using to save money and preemptively solve structural problems. Here’s the gist about how the process works.

A typical flat roof consists of structures and materials engineered to prevent radiation from the sun, wind, rain and debris from penetrating into the building. When leaks occur, water can leach into the insulation and other elements of the assembly and change what’s known as the “thermal capacitance” of the structure.

Thermal imaging allows detectors to locate changes in thermal capacitance and thus to identify where leaks might be occurring. To image effectively, you need to time the process well and pay attention to all factors that might affect thermal capacitance, such as:

  • The amount of heat and sunlight that infiltrate the building during the day or evening;
  • The relative wetness or dryness of the roof;
  • The materials used to construct the assemblage.

Some situations can compromise thermal imaging results. These include:

  • Windy, snowy or wet weather;
  • Recent cooling or heating of the structure;
  • The building’s steam pipes and exhaust vents;
  • Variations in indoor temperature (which can create variations in the thermal signature);
  • Past repair areas — recently repaired structures can change thermal signatures;
  • Different types of materials can absorb and radiate heat at different rates;
  • Dirt, leftover gravel, and buried steel plates can also throw off infrared readings.

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The roofing contractors at Century Roofing & Solar would be happy to help you identify crucial problems with your building or structure. Contact us today for assistance doing thermal imaging for your roof to fix your structure and save you time and hassle.

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