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How to Pay for Your Bay Area Solar Installation

Affordable Solar Power Systems

You’re a big fan of solar power roofing – at least the thought of it on top of your Bay Area home. But you’re holding back because of the price tag. Even though you know that, in the long run, solar can pay you back (and then some!) in terms of energy savings and in terms of making your home more valuable to buyers, but you must mind cash flow and avoid spending beyond your means.

bay area solar companyOur solar company appreciates those needs, and we’re happy to announce that Bay Area homeowners like you can make the solar switch without taking on undue risk. Here’s how:

First of all, you don’t need to buy a photovoltaic system outright. You can lease the array or get what’s known as a solar power purchase agreement, or PPA. Nearly two-thirds of all solar power system buyers purchase with PPAs or solar leases.

A solar lease is similar to other types of leases that you might be more familiar with – such as car or apartment leases. On the downside, the company that owns the array gets to enjoy the tax credits, rebates and incentives. On the upside, that company also takes on the maintenance/repair burden. Depending on the solar scheme you want to install and your budget, you can choose from different financing options.

A PPA is a similar to a lease, but you’re not renting the system, per se. Instead, you’re agreeing to purchase the solar power created by the system at a given price. This is a nice option, because you can protect yourself against the volatility of the energy market and reduce your upfront investment in the technology.

Weighing Solar Roofing Payment Options

Should I purchase, do a PPA, lease my system, or just defer taking action?

You really can’t make these choices effectively without all the information. That’s why many shoppers find it really helpful to connect with the Bay Area solar roofing contractors at Century Roof & Solar. We aim to help clients understand what is truly best for them and their budgets. Connect with us today, and get insights you need to make a better decision on solar. Call us: 1-888-233-7548.

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