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Bay Area Flat Roof Maintenance

Roofing Contractor Tips for Flat Roofs

Our East Bay roofing professionals handled a huge number of flat roof maintenance and repair jobs. But why do flat roofs “break down” so often? What can you do to protect your investment, if you’re a landlord, business owner or homeowner?

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First of all, no roof is (or should be) completely flat.

You need some slope to allow water and debris to drain, although the angle of the flush may be quite small. Flat roofs are simple and affordable to build. They reduce the surface area of the building; that means you can save on heating and cooling costs.

But flat roofs come with serious drawbacks.

For instance, they tend to leak more than sloped roofs, since rainwater can pool, and since debris-like branches and leaves can clog up gutters and accelerate the leaking/mildew process.

Waterproof, flat-roof membranes can last up to three decades.

But wear and tear, harsh weather, and bad installation and maintenance can shorten the lifespan of these membranes substantially. Once mildew or other corrosion takes hold, the damage can spread to other areas of the building and lead to very costly reconstruction – as well as to health hazards, like toxic mold.

Whether you’re designing or repairing a flat roof, ensure the following:

  • There are multiple outlets to drain the roof;
  • You have a system to prevent/inspect the drainage outlets and leaf guards;
  • You allow enough space when you install ventilation, chimneys and roof lights;
  • You schedule regular inspections of the roof membrane and other critical elements;
  • Schedule professional roof leak repair immediately upon discovery of a leak in the roofing structure.

Bay Area Roofing Repair Done Right

The Century Roof and Solar team can introduce you to best practices and help you protect your investment over the long-term. Effective flat roof repair and maintenance can help you save on energy costs and improve your property values. Less-than-effective work can leave you stuck with an astronomical bill and an ongoing headache with your tenants.

Call our Century Roof and Solar team today at 1-888-233-7548  for a free estimate.

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